pDuino is an object created by Hans Christoph Steiner. It handles communication between Arduino microcontrollers and the PureData software. This is important to us because it allows us to integrate electronic components like knobs and switches that can change parameters in our Pd patch. This is what allows us to construct a physical device that can control our patch dynamically.

The first thing to do is to visit:

1. Download the pDuino object and Firmata firmware.
Firmata is what will be loaded onto the Arduino and allows PureData complete control in terms of turning on digital and analog inputs on the Arduino board.

2. Extract the pDuino archive to a known location on your computer.

3. Create a path in PureData to the archive location so that PureData can reference it and create arduino objects. 
This is done by going to preferences – path – new. You should browse to the folder and apply the changes.

More documentation here.


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